Due to FCC regulations, we cannot show graphic intercourse over the airwaves. Instead, Peter and Lois’s sex scene will be simulated by Dwayne Johnson.

You can’t sit with us!

this is the best conversation I will likely ever have

Honestly, it was legitimately because Batista won. I’m not good with wrestling, I swear.

It’s the biggest show of the year for us. It’s in front of 70,000 people. People from all over the world travel to whatever city we’re in. I just want to go out there and put on a performance that makes people proud and makes me worthy of all these cheers and everything, the adulation that I’ve been getting from the people.


"If you told me that I would fall for her all over again.. it wouldn’t surprise me."  (inspired by x)

You are my favourite.

You know, Bryan winning the title at WrestleMania really was the one thing that brought back the incredible feeling that wrestling gives whether you’re entirely new to the experience or young and passionate. 

And, of course, made me realise that the time I cried relentlessly when Batista won the world title at Unforgiven ‘07 in a god-awful match, well, that wasn’t such a bad thing. Because moments like that in wrestling are really great when you’re that hooked. I don’t know. It’s really cool. 

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