Stone Cold Steve Austin returns at Backlash 2000.


Celeste Bonin (AKA former WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn).


I’m a sucker for German Suplexes. Second favorite suplex, behind the Half and Half/Half Nelson suplexes. 

I love seeing Germans done in stuff outside of Wrestling and MMA, whether it be in video games, anime, kung fu movies, etc so when I saw it done by Captain America, I lost my shit. Plus, he did a sweet kip-up afterwards.


On this day: Goldberg takes down members of Raven’s Flock one by one before audience members block Raven’s attempt to escape, setting up Goldberg to land the Spear and Jackhammer to win his first United States Heavyweight Championship. (4/20/98)

my shirt is rly cool this cannot be denied 



>Telling Stone Cold he’s not a beer drinker

damn shit just rhymed 

pizza or burgers

burgers def

I’m not a big pizza fan pls no hate (but four cheese I highly rate)

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